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The Guide to FREE resources for learning Danish is yours, when you give your name and email address plus agree on, that you allow me to send you information about ways to learn Danish with ease via email and sometimes via Messenger.

In the Guide you’ll find links to free resources for learning Danish.

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Learn Danish with Ease - Danish, tailored for you

Join a free online Danish Meet & Greet meeting when you’re looking for at study-buddy, want to speak a little Danish and get answers to questions you may have about (learning) the Danish language.

Meet & Greet

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Join The Danish Language Meet & Greet Group on Facebook where you can get updates and current dates for online Meet & Greet meetings and more.

Choose a free trial lesson of Master Basic Danish in a group, to get a taste of how it is for you to learn Danish together with others in a hands-on-way.

Master basic Danish

Choose an online pre-session when you’re considering individual tailored for you online Danish lessons.


Answers to your questions via email about learning the Danish language with Ease are FREE.


Feedback on short texts in Danish is FREE, when you have bougth individual lessons


on your first text if you are considering purchasing: Feedback on text.

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