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Communities are the place to be for you who, togeter with other learners, want to:

Join online lessons

  • practice Danish
  • focus on your successes with Danish
  • study Danish on an ongoing basis
  • commit on focusing on learning Danish in at least 8 minutes EVERY day.
  • maybe find a study-buddy
  • maybe find a study-group
  • get encouragement
  • share experiences
  • ask questions

Getting into Danish

Getting into Danish

Get the “feel” of what a community can do for you.
Get into a steady study habit:

Focus on Danish at least 8 minutes a day.
Share words or phrases of the day.
Ask questions. Get feedback.
Give feedback. Like, Share.
Find a study-buddy or a study group.

Getting on with Danish

Active use of the Danish you already know in a safe and supporting online environment.

Become brave and confident – step by step.

Increase vocabulary.

Understand basic grammar.
Listen to soundfiles. Count successes and progress.

getting great with Danish

Getting great with Danish

Fine tuning: You are already confident with basic Danish.

You dare to use the Danish you know and are able to ask for the learn-Danish support you need.

We practice everyday dialogues and increase vocabulary, courage and selfconfidence.


Other options for learning Danish with Ease

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