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Danish Meet & Greet

Danish Meet & Greet is an online opportunity for you, who seek a study-buddy, want to be part of a group, aim to dare to speak Danish or want to ask me questions about the Danish language.

Danish Meet & Greet meetings can be conducted in all levels.
Let me know your preference and I will set up a call.

Danish Meet & Greet meetings are primarily in English and you are invited to say something in Danish like your name and where you live.

“Fx: Hej, jeg hedder _____ og jeg bor i_____ eller jeg bor på_____”.

Speaking Danish

Danish Meet & Greet meetings are held once in a while and you are welcome to participate again and again + to suggest a time that suits you.

The meetings are free and takes place online via the platform Zoom.

The purpose of the Meet & Greet meetings are to give you and others an opportunity to

  • speak a little Danish as fx to introduce yourself by saying your name, your level of Danish and why you want to learn Danish now
  • Ask me questions about learning the Danish language
  • Mayby meet a study-buddy or form a study group
  • Furthermore you will be introduced to whichever actual option for learning Danish with me.
  • Dare your self to speak a little Danish and to meet new persons that my become fellow students.

Other options for Learning Danish with Ease