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Danish Language Boost

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Free Language Boost

Let a Danish Language Boost be your gateway to an interesting  learn-Danish-journey, where your wants and needs are in focus.

You get tailored for you inspiration, tips and encouragement that you can use right away.
When you answer some questions about you and Danish you get your first session of approximately 20 minutes for free when we meet online.

Let us find the best way for you to establish a good study habit and reach your goals with the Danish language.

Danish Language Boost is conducted via Zoom or Skype.

Apply for a FREE Danish Language Boost  by answering some questions about you and Danish (so I can prepare to help you in the best way).
Click on the button to go to the questions about you and the Danish language.

A Danish Language Boost will increase your motivation to study on your own – and/ or – with a tutor.

When you have answered the questions about you and Danish:
Choose a time slot in my online Calendar.

After your FREE Danish Language Boost  you can – if you want inspiration anew –  buy:

  • A Danish Language boost of 20 minutes for DKK 350 or
  • A Danish Language Boost of 40 minutes for DKK 550.

    Do you hereafter decide to buy 4, 7, 8 or 30 online Danish lessons, your payment of DKK 350 or 550 will act as a payout in your new purchase.


DKK 400

1 x 20 minutes Danish Language Boost


DKK 600

1 x 40 minutes Danish Language Boost


All prices include 25% Danish VAT.

Valid as per January 8th, 2022, conducted between 9 am and 9 pm.

Clip cards (when you buy more than one session at a time) are valid 1 year after purchase, and are non-refundable.

A Danish Language Boost: 
An important step towards your success with mastering the Danish language.

All focus on learning Danish with Ease with Birgit Månestråle is based on your present level, field of interest, wants and needs
If you need help determining which setup is the best for you, we can have our focus on that too, during your Danish Language Boost session.

I’ll be happy to inspire and teach you Danish with Ease.

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Besides offering Danish Language Boosts I offer you a variety of different opportunities to learn Danish with Ease.


Other options for Learning Danish with Ease