Terms and conditions


These terms and conditions are valid for interacting with me, Birgit Månestråle – and – for engaging in learning Danish with ease by buying time = lessons – as meet up in the Copenhagen area or as online lessons just for you, in a little group or as being a member of  the communities:

– The Community for getting into Danish with Ease

–  The Community for getting on with Danish with Ease

–  The Community for getting great with Danish with Ease.

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Change of terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are valid at the time you read them.
First published May 10th 2017.
Subject to change at any time.


Special for ‘Danish via phone, Zoom or Skype’.

When you buy time to learn Danish via phone, Zoom or Skype you pay in advance, and when you pay for more than one times 20, 40 or 60 minutes, your purchase works like a clip-card and you pay for all scheduled sessions, unless you cancel your time appointment before 48 hours before your actual appointment.


No refund.

When you buy time and attention from/ with me, you will not get a refund for any reason.

You can, before you engage or buy from me, assure yourself that I’m the right choice for you by booking a free 20 minutes conversation online via phone, Zoom or Skype – and – you are free to ask any questions, before you buy, by e-mail to: info@learndanishwithease.dk


Liability and outcome/ disclaimer:

When engaging with me, you are offered my presence and as to the best of my ability, my knowledge of the Danish language with the focus of tailoring it for you.
Engaging with me is like being on a journey, where we discover facts, angles and nuances, while you inch by inch, as bite sized learning – learn to understand, speak and write Danish.
By choosing ‘hands on learning’ you will, through practice, improve your Danish skills.
In essence you are the one teaching / learning yourself Danish, and while you do that, I’ll be at your side as a lifeline, a friend doing my very best to present customized teaching for you.

Short: When engaging with me ‘you take the chance’ to learn by using the Danish language – and you are not given a guarantee of a specific outcome or reaching a specific level.

Your personal drive  and your determination, your targets and amount of focus are  essential for your progress in learning the Danish language.


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