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Marathon Reading

Danish Marathon Reading with Ease

Man with book learning Danish with Ease


Read and get feedback

Let me help you find your soft spots (and correct them) in the areas of

  • pronunciation
  • understanding of Danish words
  • understanding of basic Danish grammar.

I recommend, that you, with me, go through most of the tekst in the book:

På vej til dansk – trin for trin.

And/or any text that is of importance to you.

Agree on when to meet by sending an email to:

Prices when we meet online, via phone, Zoom or Skype:

DKK 150

1 x 20 minutes


DKK 300

2 x 20 minutes


DKK 450

3 x 20 minutes


DKK 600

4 x 20 minutes


All prices includes 25% Danish VAT.

Valid for1 person as per April 8th 2020, conducted between 8 am and 8 pm.

Clipcards (when you buy more than one session at a time) are valid 1 year** after purchase, and are non-refundable.

**When you buy “Intensive online Danish” = 8 or 30 x 20 minutes the lessons shall be redeemed within 3 months.

Your questions about content and pricing are answered via

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