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Getting on with Danish

Communities is the place to be for you who, togeter with other learners, want to:

Getting on with Danish
  • practice Danish
  • focus on your successes with Danish
  • study Danish on an ongoing basis
  • commit on focusing on learning Danish in at least 8 minutes EVERY day.
  • maybe find a study-buddy
  • maybe find a study-group
  • get encouragement
  • share experiences
  • ask questions
  • Join online lessons

Getting into Danish

Getting into Danish

Get the “feel” of what a community can do for you.
Get into a steady study habit:

Focus on Danish at least 8 minutes a day.
Share words or phrases of the day.
Ask questions. Get feedback.
Give feedback. Like, Share.
Find a study-buddy or a study group.

Getting on with Danish

Active use of the Danish you already know in a safe and supporting online environment.

Become brave and confident – step by step.

Increase vocabulary.

Understand basic grammar.
Listen to soundfiles. Count successes and progress.

getting great with Danish

Getting great with Danish

Fine tuning: You are already confident with basic Danish.

You dare to use the Danish you know and are able to ask for the learn-Danish support you need.

We practice everyday dialogues and increase vocabulary, courage and selfconfidence.


Guide to FREE resources

The gatewaty to become a member of one of the 2 communities "Getting into Danish or Getting great with Danish" is either:

• to be a paying private student or

• to become part of the Community for Getting into Learning Danish with Ease.

When you pre-enroll for The Community for Getting into Danish with Ease by giving your name and email address plus answering some questions about you and Danish, you will, as a thank you gift get:


The Guide to free resources for learning Danish.

The Community for getting on with Danish – with Ease

is an online opportunity for you, who want to learn the Danish language while being in a safe environment where we – step by step – get into and on with the Danish language.

Main ingrediens is

YOUR focus

The more effort



Let it be with Ease

8 minutes focus

every day

Count your

progress & Success

This community “getting on with Danish” is an online opportunity for beginners, semi-beginners and students at the elementary level with Danish, who want to begin with basic AND who want to USE the Danish language ‘right away’.

In the community group we will share resources, experiences, challenges, obstacles and successes with Danish.

The members = the Danish students/ you primary study on their own/ your own, while, I, Birgit Månestråle, and the group act as lifelines and backing.

Besides the community and sharing in the group you can participate in at least 4 online lessons of approx. 40 minutes where we – with the content of the book:

På vej til dansk – trin for trin

step by step practice pronunciation, basic grammar etc.

The 40-minute lessons are your opportunity to practice to speak and listen (in order to understand) the Danish language.

As learning a new language is a challenge, we must be patient both with ourselves and each other.

Therefore the 40 minutes sometimes last longer.
You shall be on time, but can leave the online session whenever you want.

Minimum 4 lessons of 40 minutes of practical Danish are facilitated every month. Some months more than 4.

The actual members of the group suggest dates, weekdays and time slots that suit themselves.


All actual participants of an online session will be asked to choose a page or paragraph of their need or interest.

Between the online lessons and as an addition to the exchange in the private Facebook group, the participants are invited to connect with each other between the lessons.

This is not a must, but an extra possibility.

Furthermore the participants are encouraged to pick up one word, phrase or sentence – every day – and place the new words in an electronic Personal Learn Danish with Ease Dictionary.

Membership requires that

  • you and I have met fx online via Zoom or Skype
  • that you buy the book: På vej til dansk – trin for trin which you buy the cheapest via the publisher Please note:
    The publisher only ship within Denmark.If your book shall be shipped outside of Danmark, you can check, if it is possible to ship to your country at or
  • you pay DKK 550 per month or DKK 1.425 quarterly.

Book an online session via
if you want to meet “just you and me”
participate in a Meet & Greet Zoom meeting with others.

Enroll in getting on with Danish - with Ease

Birgit Månestråle
To your success with Danish!

Birgit Månestråle
Facilitator, tutor and Danish teacher

Book of success

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All prices includes 25% Danish VAT.

Valid for 1 person as per January 25th 2023, conducted between 9 am and 9 pm.

Clipcards (when you buy more than one session at a time) are valid 1 year after purchase, and are non-refundable.

Your questions about content and pricing are answered via

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