7 days of Danish for you and your spouse

Increase your confidence with everyday Danish while you achieve basic knowledge of AND practice speaking the Danish language – together with your spouse – or another best friend.

7 days of Danish for you and your spouse is a tailored for you opportunity to learn and use basic Danish – with Ease – in the comfort of your own home, as lessons are provided  live and online.

7 days of Danish for you and your spouse

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7 days of Danish for you and your spouse is:

Danish ball

 Conducted at a time that suits you both (between 9 am and 9 pm one of the 7 weekdays)


7 x 60-minute (or more) online Danish lessons via Zoom or Skype as you prefer

Birgit Månestråle

Access to me, Birgit Månestråle, via email for answers to questions


feedback on emails or short text

The possibility to be a guest member of the online Community for getting into Danish with Ease

Practice of:

 • the alphabet •

• the numerals (used for counting) •

• the ordinals (used when telling the date) telling the time •


• learning simple phrases so you can take part in initial everyday communication

Focus on your wishes and needs

As a common base we use these 2 books:

På vej til dansk - trin for trin

På vej til dansk – trin for trin

På vej til dansk – trin for trin has a good layout and contains lots of basic vocabulary and some basic grammar.

The book is for level 3  = intermediate and semi-beginners,  but dedicated new learners are able to use it too, as advanced Danish learners can use it for repetition and reference.

When living in Denmark, you can borrow this book for free at a public library.

Sound files are available at the webpage of the publisher SYNOPE.DK from whom you can also buy the book, if you live in Denmark.

If you want to buy the book when living outside of Denmark, you may be able to purchase via SAXO.DK or WILLIAMDAM.DK who ship to most countries.

Parlør Dansk

Parlør dansk – at samtale på dansk

Parlør dansk – at samtale på dansk  contains plenty of short dialogues related to everyday conversations. By reading the dialogues with your spouse, a Danish neighbor, friend or colleague you will increase your vocabulary AND your confidence with USING the Danish language.
Sometimes it is ‘just fun’ to read a random page. Other days it is obvious to ask: “Hvad med dig” = What about you, as you refer to what you’ve just read in this handy and informative book.

You can borrow Parlør dansk – at samtale på dansk for free at a Danish library, when you live in Denmark, and through the library service e-reolen you can borrow the sound.

When you want to  purschase the book you can do it direct  from the publisher Alfabeta when you  live in Denmark.

Do you want to buy the book and have it shipped outside of Denmark, go visit www.saxo.dk or www.wiliamdam.dk who ship to most contries in the world.

What does my students say?

I am delighted to share what my students say about me and learn Danish with Ease. If you are interested you can click below to read more.

You can choose 7 days of Danish as many times you want

When it is your first time focusing on improving your knowledge and practice with the Danish language – with Birgit Månestråle as your tutor and Danish teacher page 5, 6, 8, 9, 21, 29, 30, 61 103, 99 and 100 in the book: På vej til dansk – trin for trin are our initial focus.

Content of your second and following purchase of  7 days of Danish for you and your spouse or another best friend – will be agreed on before each module of 7 days of Danish.

The book Teach Yourself complete Danish can be choosen as a resource, too.

What do you get

Content of your second and following purchase of 7 days of Danish for you and your spouse or another best friend – will be agreed on before each module of 7 days of Danish.

Participation fee for both of you is DKK 6.500
only DKK 5.500
 when you agree on time and dates before November  15th 2020.

All prices includes 25% Danish VAT.

Valid as per February 12th 2021, conducted between 9 am and 9 pm.

Clipcards (when you buy more than one session at a time) are valid 1 year after purchase, and are non-refundable.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with Birgit Månestråle. Her style is unique, flexible, creative, encouraging and above all FUN! Danish is considered a difficult language to learn but Birgit tailored each meeting with interesting and relevant content and I was always inspired by our discussions which were pitched at just the right level. Her commitment and enthusiasm was amazing – she was responsive between meetings reviewing written material and always ready with additional support and direction. Birgit enjoys teaching and she was always excited and happy to be there. My confidence with Danish improved immeasurably during the time we worked together. I absolutely recommend Birgit for learning Danish.

Lewis, Australia

Living and working in Denmark after a “learn Danish journey” of 8 months via Skype

7 days of Danish online with you and your spouse

7 days of Danish for you and your spouse – or another best friend is, as you will experience, a great opportunity – in an intense and engaging way, to get into learning – and mastering – the Danish language.
Being two on the learn-Danish-journey makes it easier to keep your focus on learning – and you always have someone to celebrate your wins with. Two learners and an engaged tutor makes challenges easier to solve, too.

However, you will of course also benefit by choosing individual tailored for you Danish with Ease lessons – or – you can choose the option of  learning in a group of 3-6 persons.