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Enroll in the 5-day online video Danish challenge


During the 5-day challenge you’ll get feed-back on what you’re actually doing right, while you increase your vocabulary and your courage to actually speak Danish.


We are aiming for the I CAN DO IT feeling, and are taking the very first basic steps in that direction.


Practice is the way!

Become Confident
speaking Danish
step by step

while sharing your learn-Danish journey with like-minded
Danish learners, as a member of the private Facebook group: 

Active Danish Learners.

The 5-day learn-Danish-challenge DAILY STEPS TO DANISH SUCCESS is for you, 

who already know a little of the Danish language

who, in a small group, want to focus on the very basics

who wants to ask anything about the Danish language

who wants ideas on how to cope, when getting replied to in English

who wants to learn how affirmations can strengthen your Danish skills

who wants to focus on introducing yourself in Danish with confidence

who wants to learn numbers with ease

who're ready to experience a leap by getting into daily focus on Danish

Exclusive opportunity

for 8 participants per challenge

Group Lessons

You get 5 online group lessons for the price of one lesson.

Become an Active Danish Learner

Membership of  the private Facebook group Active Danish Learners is included.

Future Danish Lessons

Your payment for this challenge can be used as a payout, if you deside to buy new Danish lessons.

The next 5-day Danish challenge

is planned to take place


7th of May 2022


8th of May 2022


13th of May 2022


14th of May 2022


15th of May 2022

Enroll in the 5-day Danish challenge

About Birgit Månestråle

Birgit Månestråle

I love to teach Danish!

My focus is on showing you how to learn the Danish language with ease.

As learning the Danish language isn’t alwasys easy…  it’s important to learn with ease.

I help you learn the very basics of the Danish language step by step, as mastering the basics of the Danish language will make it so much easier for you to progress going forward.

I’m also a specialist in – figuratively – ‘holding your hand’ while you manifest the courage to use the Danish words and phrases, that you already know, while also learning new vocabulary and increasing your ability to actually speak and understand the Danish language.

My own language learning story includes ‘ugly’ experiences with language teachers, and I therefore take pride in giving my full attention to you and other active Danish learners –  and –  to tailor the online Danish lessons.

I firmly believe, that you can obtain your dreams and goals with the Danish language – step by step.

I have high expectations for your achievements, AND I lead you by the hand, supporting you with step by step strategies, to encourage you to take the first step – and – the next and the next.

I have been teaching Danish since 24th of November 2010 and have enjoyed – and are still – enjoying it immensely.

Satisfied students says

My best Danish teacher!

Francesca, Italy.



I highly recomend Birgit Månestråle
I study with her, and she is amazing. She tailors the lessons for me, very enthusiastic, and there is no question unanswered.

Judit, Hungary.

“I like the applicability of your suggestions and the way you really are teaching Danish with ease!”

Megan Simpson, USA.

Enroll in the 5-day Danish challenge here:

5-day challenge
Get confident while learning Danish in a group.

Do you have questions?

What happens when I enroll?

When you enroll, you’ll receive a series of emails with information about the content and how to prepare to get the most out of this experience.
As we approach May, you’ll also get practical informations including the Zoom link on which we’ll meet.

What is the goal of the 5-day Danish challenge?

We are aiming for the I CAN DO IT feeling, and are taking the very first basic steps in that direction.

We are also aiming for having the courage to do at least one spontaneous and imperfect Facebook live (video) lasting 20-60 seconds and to share it in the private Facebook group: Active Danish Learners.

The act of  doing (imperfect) video(s) will add to your courage in general, which you’ll benefit from, when actually speaking Danish ‘in the real world’.
Let’s remember, that ‘practice is the mother of all success’.

What is the content and outcome of the 5-day-Danish challenge?

During the 5-day Danish challenge our focus is on mobilizing the courage to practice  to speak Danish, when we meet ‘live’ online.

– All questions are welcome
– The main focus is on introducing ourselves
– We’ll have some fun with numbers
– We’ll, focus on mindset, as for example thinking: I can do it
– You’ll get tips on how to cope, when you do speak Danish, but are answered in English  –   and more

Daily tasks are to be shared in the private Facebook group: Active Danish Learners.

The act of sharing task of the day, resources, gains and pains in the Facebook group improves your courage with visibility, which is of value when you speak Danish in real life.

During the 5 days you will become more and more confident at actually speaking Danish, while you also meet with other active Danish learners, that may become your study-buddies in the long term. Either with me, Birgit Månestråle, at your side or as independent accountability partners or as a study-group.

Yes, let me participate in the 5-day challenge

to get into the good habit of taking daily steps to Danish success!