PD2 – Success for you

is for you

  • who want to get into a good study habit

  • who want to get feedback on your written Danish

  • who aim for passing PD2 (Prøve i dansk 2)

  • who want to ‘look into’ these 4 ressources:

    • www.danskherognu.dk

    • På vej til dansk – trin for trin

    • Grammatik i brug (inkl. Grammatikhæftet)

    • Sample papers of PD2 november-december 2015.
      Find them by clicking here.

    • Sample papers of PD2 from other years…

Every day whenever it is convenient for you, you send 1, 2 or 3 lines of Danish to info@birgitmaanestraale.dk

You will thereafter get feedback – personally or in a collective email.

Please write in the subject line:
3 linier dansk fra ______( insert your name) + the actual date that you write.

Fx: 3 linier dansk fra Robert Mortensen 1. marts 2019.

Your email address will not be published.
When sending collective answers all receivers will be BCC’ed.
(Bcc = Blind carbon copy).

Interested in getting feedback, getting into a good study habit and to expand your knowledge of Danish – so that you will feel confident, that you can pass the PD2:
Say yes, by sending an email to info@birgitmaanestraale.dk 

Enroll TODAY by paying the Spring 2019 price: DKK 2.400 which is valid for written feedback on approx. 3 lines of Danish until May 31st 2019.

By enrolling = paying together with one or more friends or colleagues you all obtain a discount of DKK 600.
When you pay, please give your name and phone number as a reference AND send an email to: info@learndanishwithease.dk


PD2 – succes for you
is conducted every spring and every fall.
For details and updates send an email to:
info@learndanishwithease.dk indicating your interest in participating in
PD2 – succes for you

in order to prepare for the PD2 exam or ‘just’ to improve your Danish – with Ease on a daily basis.

IF you have any questions before you enroll in this ‘hands-on-process’ please feel free to send them via info@birgitmaanestraale.dk 

or: info@learndanishwithease.dk

Should you say yes???

If you want to see if this format is for you:
Give it a try.  
Send your ”I’ll give it a try” to info@birgitmaanestraale.dk 


and get free feedback on your first 5 x 3 lines of Danish (within 10 days).

To obtain information about prices for PenPal Danish

in general: Click Here.

The participation fee – spring 2019 : DKK 2.400 for one person.
When enrolling with one or more friends or colleagues – you all – get a reduction of DKK 600 per person – when payment is deposited together into:

Danske Bank: 3544 – 3544 36 59 67

If you pay from a non-Danish bank account, please use these references:

IBAN: DK73 3000 3544 3659 67


DKK 2.400 for you to get written feedback on 3 lines of Danish from today until May 31st 2019.
Or: DKK 1.800 per person when you enroll and pay together with one or more friends or colleagues.

IF you are considering this possibility 

and are uncertain if this is for you:

Begin by getting – free –  feedback on 5 short emails.

Connect via info@learndanishwithease.dk 


General prices for written feedback can be seen by clicking: Here.