How to find time for learning Danish?

how to ‘get it done’?


how to keep on


how to get answers to your questions?


The programme,

Getting into Danish 

is your solution.


When you choose 

Getting into Danish

you gain access to me, Birgit Månestråle, for one month

and, you can buy yet another month of attention whenever you want.


Choose: Getting into Danish

when you want more of the good feeling of being able to learn and use Danish while having me as you lifeline and tutor.



During your month of focusing on ‘getting into Danish’ you will:

  • achieve  the good feeling of progress:

  • YES, I do speak Danish,

  • yes, I understand Danish…

  • yes, I’m able to find time

  • and: Yes, I can do this. 


Here is how it works: 

  1. As soon as you have enrolled, you have access to me, Birgit Månestråle, via email 24/7. Write when it is convenient for you and get my reply, when it is convenient for me. Ask anything about studying and the Danish language plus share your successes and obstacles

  2. The core of this opportunity (Getting into Danish) is, that YOU focus on Danish as intensely as you can, and the I support you on your journey.
    Besides having access to me via email 24/7 for answers to your questions about Danish, you also meet with me via phone, Zoom or Skype 20 x approximately 20 minutes (on weekdays).

  3. Everyday you focus on learning some Danish AND everyday you report to me via email. Fx: Today I listened to soundfile number ____, or: Today I spoke Danish at the Bakery….

  4. Whenever you experience SUCCESS with DANISH, you make a note in a special notebook only for Success with Danish + whenever you want, you share your success with me via email or when we speak together.


Your level is the perfect level for choosing:
Getting into Danish.


Get a taste of how you in a practical way can learn Danish with Ease, by getting into a habit of studying or just intensifying your focus on picking up the Danish sounds, words and phrases + when we meet via phone, Skype or Zoom – get confirmation or corrections on your pronunciation.


Getting into Danish is for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.



Is this for you?

Find out by applying for a

FREE 20-minute session by filling out a questionaire which you find HERE. 


Or: Enroll by sending your ‘yes’ to


Get answers to questions via


Our conversations will take place on time slots that suits both of us on a weekday between 8 am and 8 pm or on a Saturday between 9 am and 12 noon.



Begin with 30 days = 1 month – and – continue with your second month right after – or give yourself a break if needed, before you actively participate in yet another month of ‘Getting into Danish’.


We can begin on any day that suits both of us.

Connect via

for booking a month of focus, so you get into Danish, and GET the good ‘I can do it feeling’.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have via


Birgit Månestråle.