Danish-meet-and-greet is an online opportunity for you, who seek a study-buddy, want to be part of a group, aim to dare to speak Danish or want to ask me questions about the Danish language.

(The session is primarily in English and you are invited to say something in Danish. Fx: Hej, jeg hedder_____ og jeg bor____ i eller jeg bor på____).

Danish-meet-and-greet can be conducted in all levels.
Let me know your preference and I will set up a call.

Connect via info@learndanishwithease.dk

The Danish-meet-and-greet session will last 30-40 minutes
is free,
when you participate for the first time.

Following sessions: DKK 150
included if you are a part of ‘Club Danish with Ease’.

To enroll: Connect via info@learndanishwithease.dk
before or latest Saturday August 31st at 11 am.

Next dates will be agreed on with you and other interested students.

Qualifications to participate:

  1. Your aim is to focus on learning Danish every day for a minimum of 5 minutes.
  2. You are seeking one or more study-buddies in order to back yourself up while learning Danish – or considering another way of support on your learn-Danish-journey.
  3. Before the online session: You have asked for the FREE guide to FREE resources for learning Danish via info@learndanishwithease.dk
    and you have looked into one or more of the resources in order to have something in common with the other participants.
  4. You answer the questions about you and Danish by clicking on this link.
  5. You ‘say yes’ to participate in one or more online Danish-meet-and-greet sessions by connecting via info@learndanishwithease.dk

When participating second or following times:

Pay DKK 150 via MobilePay to 93781 (yes it is correct that there is only 5 digits).
to my account in Danske Bank
3544 – 3544 36 59 67

IBAN: DK73 3000 3544 3659 67 

If you want to pay with an International card, I will create a link specially for you, so you can pay via Stripe.

Having questions?
Send them to info@learndanishwithease.dk

Best regards,
Birgit Månestråle
Danish Teacher a.m.

In short:

Danish meet and greet is for you who want to meet with me, Birgit Månestråle, in order to get inspiration and tips to study and learn the Danish language AND for you who want to find a Study Buddy or to connect with others who want to learn Danish at a casual meet up.