Danish lessons via Skype or phone.

Learning Danish is an investment, that will help you in your (next) job, and your ability to understand and speak Danish, can be your gateway to succeed in Denmark.
Right now you might work in a firm where you do not need to speak Danish, but what about the future?


Danish doors and hearts opens when you show, that you are willing to (and able to) speak Danish.

Are you ready to learn?

Are you ready to be able to interact with your Danish spouse and his/ her family, your kids, colleagues, neighbors and friends – in Danish?

Let me help you reach a Danish level, where you can express yourself in the way you want to.

Begin with the basic – or, continue your learn-Danish-journey by – becomming more and more confident while you increase your ability to speak Danish – and – pick up new words and phrases.

Being able to use (simple) common phrases can be a gateway for what you want in many nuances. Being willing and able to speak plus understand (some) Danish gives you an important advantage, when you want to live,  cope and succeed in Denmark.

Danish lessons via Skype or phone can be your vehicle.

Choose Danish lessons customized for you and at your pace.

Let me help you create a setup with customized Danish lessons, that will work for you. Tell me your time preferences via email to info@learndanishwithease.dk

Let’s begin !

For  variations and prices, click here. 

For appointments write to info@learndanishwithease.dk 

Begin with a Boost:

Queue up for a 20-minute Danish language boosts by filling out the questionaire, that you find by clicking here – or buy a Danish boost.
The Danish language boost is performed via phone or Skype.

Send an email with your preferred time slot and week day to info@learndanishwithease.dk 

Read more here.

How do you learn Danish with ease?

Ease is without stiffness, stress, punishment and anxiety.

With ease can be; picking up words, sounds, phrases, sentences or understanding Danish grammar in a way that make you forget that you are actually studying.

In an atmosphere of ease 

  • you learn new words and useful phrases

  • you are invited and encouraged to use the words and expressions that you already know

  • you count your successes

  • you have influence on how and what you learn, when choosing Danish lessons with, me, Birgit Månestråle

Focus and repetition are tools which, in a combination with your records of your new words, phrases and successes, lift you to a level of confidence that inspires you to learn – even – more, with ease.

Ease isn’t always easy, but when it is, we celebrate by sharing the joy and other benefits of progress.

Learning Danish with ease is supported by our interaction and, since you are the only student, you will never be behind and always at the perfect level, for now.

By expressing your needs and wishes you have great influence on the subjects through which you learn Danish.

Your number of Danish lessons and the effort you put in will influence your outcome.

 The more Danish lessons you choose the cheaper they get. For actual prices for Danish lessons via Skype or phone click here.

Danish lessons with ease – with me, Birgit Månestråle, is for you
who want or need a short intensive program in order to reach a definite goal, fx being able to make a presentation, pass an exam, master a job interview, give a speech, learning and integrating words necessary for your present job function

and/ or for you

who see learning Danish as a journey, where you take one step at a time – for a short, a longer or a long time.
Choosing the journey approach is supported by my price structure, as you can begin with one or four sessions, and after that deside to continue buying as you go, or use your first payment as down payment, if you want to buy 32 lessons of 40 minutes.

Benefits of Danish lessons via Skype are

– a sense of confidence/ peace of mind, as we can see each other

– schedule flexibility

If you would rather not, that I see you or you see me, or if the Skype connection is weak, then we can speak through the phone.

What do you get?
By choosing Danish lessons with me, Birgit Månestråle, you get

  • Customized focus on your needs and preferences

  • Guidance as to how you can improve your Danish skills on your own

  • Feedback and tools to improve your pronunciation

  • Affirmations about what, as in my opinion, you are actually being good at

  • Opportunity to choose the topics of your need or interest by which you will improve your Danish skills. Can fx be: Company guidelines, official documents, learn-Danish-books, instructions, Danish literature, texts about your hobby, texts written by you…

  • Bite-sized (challenging) homework. We aim for the moon, and celebrate the stars and paths that you actually reach or discover.

Are the Danish lessons structured?
It might, though, not be the way, that you perceive or have as a reference for structure.
When I – originally – was learning to read, I was first introduced to the letters. Thereafter I learned to put the letters together into words, whereafter I learned about grammar and word order, in order to make sentences.

As you have passed this basic level, we will work, as if we are on a main road, where we want to go from A to B, but where we’ll stop at all sights of our interest.

So: Yes your Danish lessons will have a structure – and – you will be challenged by leaving the structure/ the plan in every lesson, by fx getting questions not related to the subject, but relevant for the ‘here and now’ where you and I have our learn-Danish-exchange.

How much homework?

You decide.
The more you are able to focus and study the faster you may reach your goal.
AND, that said (or actually written above) my approach is, that learning Danish should happen ‘with ease’.
Ease isn’t necessarily easy – but, when you manage to learn with ease, as if learning Danish is your passion, then your eagerness increases. It becomes fun to recognize Danish words and phrases. You smile. You get the feeling of victory: “Yes, I can do it.” “Yes I’m doing it.” Small progress, large progress. Any focus counts.
Some days you only sense a sound or a word. When getting into a good study habit, then 5 minutes a day some days easily becomes 6, 7, 8 and maybe 20 minutes. When having excess time, focusing an hour or an hour and half will give you the good feeling of having accomplished what you wanted to accomplish.


I will encourage you to keep track of your successes with Danish by creating and using a Personal Dictionary and a book in which you note your success with Danish in general.

Make your Personal Dictionary in a notebook with an alphabet index or create an Excel sheet/ spreadsheet.

Let your Book of succes with Danish be a real old fashioned notebook. Write any progress and happy moments and experiences of having succes using the Danish language, coping or succeeding ‘in Danish’.

Writing down words and phrases important to you emphazises / amplifies the effect of your learning. Same thing with your successes as focusing on actual progress and success, experienced by you, will fuel your next steps and level.

Detail summary

You can agree on Danish lessons 7 days a week between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. (Plus before and after if you are ready to pay an extra fee). (You might want to agree on time slots before or after 8 a.m./ 8 p.m. because of your schedule or time zone) Feel free to suggest your favourite time slots via info@learndanishwithease.dk)

How many sessions shall you buy?
My suggestion is, that you choose 4 x 40 minutes to find out if you and I are a good match and if the ‘learn with Ease style’ is for you.
If you are satisfied, you can choose to use your payment for the 4 x 40 minutes as a downpayment, if you want to buy 32 x 40 minutes where you learn Danish with Ease.
You do not have to buy 32 lessons. To pay as you go is an option, too.

For  variations and prices: Click here. 

For appointments write to info@learndanishwithease.dk 

Another choice is
that you begin with a 20-minute free phone- or Skype session.

Send your preferred time period for learning Danish with focus on you and your goals and preferences to info@learndanishwithease.dk 

Satisfied students say:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with Birgit Månestråle. Her style is unique, flexible, creative, encouraging and above all FUN! Danish is considered a difficult language to learn but Birgit tailored each meeting with interesting and relevant content and I was always inspired by our discussions which were pitched at just the right level. Her commitment and enthusiasm was amazing – she was responsive between meetings reviewing written material and always ready with additional support and direction. Birgit enjoys teaching and she was always excited and happy to be there. My confidence with Danish improved immeasurably during the time we worked together. I absolutely recommend Birgit for learning Danish.
Lewis, Australia, (living and working in Denmark) after a learn-Danish-journey of 8 months via Skype.


Kære Birgit,

Tusind tak for denne aften.
Du gør ‘at lære dansk’ sjov 😉
Også tak for hjemmearbejde.

Vi ses.
Kevin, UK (after his 2nd Skype session), 

Du er en fantastisk lærer!

Eve H. from New York.

Danish lessons via Skype or phone can be combined with Face-to-Face sessions, Walk & Talk sessions and Penpal Danish. For further details visit www.learndanishwithease.dk