Learn Danish with Ease

Enjoy learning Danish with ease!

With ease

is the opposite of stiffness and stress, worry and anxiety.
Ease can be light, fun, ‘learning with a smile’ and as intense as doing something meaningful, you really like.

Ease might not be the same as easy, but, when we focus on ease, learning becomes easier.


means to focus, pick up (repeat) and remember, so what you know you have learned “pops-up” whenever you want it to or need it.


When you learn with ease

then you are relaxed, yet alert and awake

therefore you – actually – learn, incorporate and store in your memory.


Danish is the language spoken in Denmark by approximately 5 million people

and the language

that, when you use it, will soften the hearts of the Danes.


Being able to understand – and speak – or express some words and phrases will include you in social set-ups such as

  • lunch with your colleagues/ friends

  • after work/ in your spare time:

    • in a café

    • in a restaurant

    • at/ til julefrokost

    • and in everyday life:

    • interacting in shops

    • picking up your kids and communicating with the adults in ‘vuggestue, børnehave and school’

      Learning – more – than just a little Danish will ‘get you into the Danish culture’ and making it possible for you to cope in your every day life as the intelligent adult you are. Knowing and using the Danish language with other Danish speaking will enable you to participate, contribute and express yourself, your views, ideas etc. in ‘all walks of life’.

When you choose to learn Danish with ease
you get the possibility to pick the subjects through which you want to learn the vocabulary, the articles of the nouns, the conjugation of the verbs and how to use adjectives, pronouns etc.

Choosing to learn Danish with ease customized for you, is an invitation to you to design a learning program that suits your level, your time and your goals.

Enrolling in tutoring with Birgit Månestråle you will get ‘your own’ dedicated “fellow-traveller” on your learn-Danish-journey.

I am, of course, your teacher, but as we “stroll along” with the aim – for you – to be able to understand, speak and, if you want to, write Danish, you will, also discover the benefits of an interactive and relating exchange, which will include Q & A’s where one of us ask: xxx yyy zzz and the other one of us keep the conversation going by asking: Hvad med dig?

Your Danish skills will be embedded by focus, ease and repetition.
While you’re on your learn-Danish-journey, grammar is explained whenever wanted or needed in a down-to-earth/ practical approach. Same way applies in order to increase your confidence and ability to pronounce the Danish words and phrases to the extent that you are understood.
Once in a while we focus on short-cuts i.e. saying something complicated in a more simple, yet, valid way.

Learning Danish with Ease is customized tutoring in a way and an amount that suits you.

  • intensive

  • continual

  • once in a while

Let’s meet

  • face to face, 1-on-1 or in a small group

  • via Skype or phone

Email is another vehicle

convinient when you want feedback on your do-it-yourself Danish exercises, your homework from your current language school or other studies/ training/ education, your CV, application or other written materials. Via email you can ask grammatical questions as well.  (Fx: Why is it ‘cyklen’ and not ‘cykelen’? How does mothers become ‘mødre’ when a mother is just ‘mor’… and why is it ‘rød bil’ and ‘rødt hus’, i København and på Frederiksberg etc. etc.)


Are you ready 

to take a step (or more steps) in the direction of

learning Danish with ease

with Birgit Månestråle?

Make an appointment today:

  • Book a 20 minutes free session via Skype or phone by sending your favourite time slot between 8 am and 8 pm to: info@learndanishwithease.dk

  • Or: Send your questions or suggestion for a starting date to info@learndanishwithease.dk

Learn Danish with ease!

Let me show you how!



Improve your Danish

in order to cope better in the Danish society, and to communicate with your

  • colleagues

  • friends

  • neighbors

  • Danish spouse, girl- or boyfriend

  • the parents, kids and employees in your childs nursery, kindergarten or school (vuggestue, børnehave, skole) etc.

My best Danish teacher….
And she knows English and a little bit of Italian too….
Francesca, Italy. (Meeting 1-on-1 for brush-up Danish).


I am thoroughly enjoying the course and appreciate all your help and assistance!

Best regards,
Justin B. (An Australian participant in a small group-set-up).


If you think you can learn Danish – you can.

Customised teaching and bite size learning for you!


For appointments and answers to questions about learning Danish with ease:
Feel free to write to: info@learndanishwithease.dk