Enjoy learning Danish with ease!

Let me show you how!


Improve your Danish

in order to cope better in the Danish society, and to communicate with your

  • colleagues

  • friends

  • neighbors

  • Danish spouse, girl- or boyfriend

  • the parents, kids and employees in your childs nursery, kindergarten or school (vuggestue, børnehave, skole) etc.


Begin by choosing

  •          30 free e-mails for beginners = Danish via English = Learn Danish with ease

  •         Continuing free emails in Danish = Lær dansk – hver dag for  intermediate and advanced students.

  •         20 minutes of free conversation via Skype or phone.


If you think you can learn Danish – you can.

Customised teaching and bite size learning for you!


For appointments and answers to questions:
Feel free to write to: info@learndanishwithease.dk